July 2020 Newsletter Answers

Theme to the Quizz was METAL

1. Actor Jeff Goldblum

2. Partner of Kurt Russell Goldie Horn

3. Whoopie too Goldberg

4. Sergeant Bilko Phil Silvers

5. Famous painter Tintoretto

6. Emergency Ward 10 actor who played the part of Dr Alan Digger Dawson Charles Tingwell

7. Illusionist and a novel David Copperfield

8. Brideshead Revisited actor Jeremy Irons

9. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and As Good As It Gets film actor Jack Nicholson

10. Written by Herge TinTin

11. Sean's third picture Goldfinger

12. Her breakfast was eaten by animals Goldilocks

13. Famous Film Company Metro Goldwyn Meyer

14. 4th PM of India Golda Meir

15. Stage name of Wolverhampton born musician & DJ Clifford Joseph Price Goldie

16. Near Hay on Wye Herefordshire between the Black Mountains and the river Dore Golden Valley

17. Use on pancakes instead of sugar Golden Syrup

18. The 7th Bond Golden Eye

19. Went worldwide in 1577-1580 Golden Hind

20. Awarded in USA since 1944   Golden Globes

21. Gary likes these Golden Wonder

22.Once popular that has retained its appeal Golden Oldies

23. Jason set out to get it Golden Fleece

24. Cheltenham trophy Gold Cup

25.Long term of togetherness celebration Golden Anniversary

26. Located in San Francisco  Golden Bridge

27. Popular canine pet Golden Retriever   

28. African country Gold Coast

29. American Sitcom Golden Girls

30. Colour made from  oxide and alumina Cobalt Blue

31. Former PM Iron Lady

32. Sounds like it showed the way Lead

33. Attached to Queen Mercury

34.Tacks, money, monkey Brass

35.Third winner award Bronze

36. Former LibDem leader David Steel

37. Version of Google Chrome

38. Old name for a juke box Nickelodeon

39. Exact copy Carbon


WHO AM I ..........

A: William Wilberforce

B. Sir Robert Peel

C. Emmeline Pankhurst