About Us

History of Wyre Forest Conservative Association

The Wyre Forest constituency was first fought under its present name in the 1983 general election, having succeeded the old Kidderminster seat, and was won for the Conservatives by Esmond Bulmer. Wyre Forest was held by the Conservatives' Anthony Coombs in the 1987 and 1992 general elections; however the 1997 Labour landslide saw that party gain the seat securing a majority of almost 7,000. Anger over the downgrading of Kidderminster Hospital reflected on Labour at the 2001 election, and Independent Health Concern's Dr Richard Taylor stormed to a decisive victory, then held the seat with a considerably reduced majority in 2005. Mark Garnier then won the seat in 2010 with a majority of 2500.  He retained the seat in 2015 with an increased majority of 12,871, and in 2017 with a 13,334 majority.

Wyre Forest Constituency MPs 1983-2020

Election                 Member                         Party  
1983                       Esmond Bulmer              Conservative    
1987                       Anthony Coombs            Conservative
1992                       Anthony Coombs            Conservative
1997                       David Lock                       Labour
2001                       Dr Richard Taylor            Independent Health Concern
2005                       Dr Richard Taylor            Independent Health Concern
2010                       Mark Garnier                   Conservative
2015                       Mark Garnier                   Conservative
2017                       Mark Garnier                   Conservative

2019                       Mark Garnier                   Conservative


How The Association Is Run

The Wyre Forest Conservative Association (WFCA) is one of 600 plus Conservative Associations which form part of the National Conservative Party and we welcome anyone who supports the Conservative cause.  Although we work within the constitution of the Conservative Party, it is run and paid for by local people.

WFCA is run by a Management Committee comprising the following officers:

Deputy Chairman Political and Campaigning
Deputy Chairman Fundraising and Membership
Local Government Representative
Campaign Officer
CPF Representative

Social Media and Young Conservatives Officer
Patrons Representative
Social Events Officer
Membership Officer

IT Officer

Vote Source and GDPR Officer

These officers are responsible for the day to day running of the Association and report to the Executive Council.  The Executive Council is the governing body of the Association and is made up of representatives from each of the Wyre Forest wards. The Executive, with the advice from the officers, decides the Association’s policy. The Association has two honorary officers - the Life President and the President who is elected at the AGM.

The Association’s officers are elected by the Association members at the Annual General Meeting which is held during the 1st quarter of each year.   All fully paid up members are entitled to attend and vote and all posts are up for election every year, and any member can progress to these positions.

WFCA exists to promote the Conservative cause throughout the Wyre Forest constituency and to work for the election of Conservative Party candidates at local, national and European levels. We are funded by money raised by members and supporters in the form of membership subscriptions and fundraising events such as supper clubs, day trips and our annual dinner.   Click here for a full list of our current Events.

The money we raise locally enables us to run the local office, fund the production of newsletters and run election campaigns. We are keen to keep the electorate updated with what the Association and Conservatives Councillors are doing, and produce our “Matters” newsletter on a regular basis between September and June, these are sent out to approximately 44,466 households.