Tracey’s £25,000 Pledge for Action on Sutton Park Road and Bewdley Hill Junction

With the increased Highways funding for County Councillors this year, Tracey Onslow is renewing the long-fought battle with Highways at Worcestershire County Council for a solution to the problem at the difficult junction of Sutton Park Road and Bewdley Hill.

Tracey said “Ever since I have been a Councillor, this junction has been an issue.  My predecessor Cllr Marcus Hart, fought long and hard for a solution and I know he had much correspondence and many meetings with Highways to discuss possible ideas.  However, with the increase in Highways funding, I feel it is a good time to take a fresh look.  I am pledging £25,000 of my funding to this project.  I know any scheme would cost much, much more but we have to start somewhere and it is more funding on the table than ever before.  I will keep residents updated with any progress.”