Sutton Park Road - Highways Water Pooling Problem UPDATE

Cllr Tracey Onslow for St Johns Division, met with Worcestershire County Council Highways to discuss a suitable way forward to resolve the issue of the large pool of water which forms at the top of Sutton Park Road, at its junction with Bewdley Hill. 

Highways have investigated this issue previously, but unfortunately, service cables below the pavement surface have thwarted several previous possible solutions.  Highways have looked at moving the pram/wheelchair dropped kerb, but the only suitable location, would mean chopping down one of the trees, which local residents do not want.  Although the water pools at the corner of the dropped access, residents advised Highways that the water travels from further long Sutton Park Road and therefore installing a drain further along may do the trick. 

Highways have gone away to review this possibility.

Tracey will report back as soon as there is an update by Highways.