Spennells Pavements Update

County Councillor Marcus Hart is delighted to advise Spennells residents of further work to improve pavements on the estate.

Marcus says, “I am very pleased that virtually the whole of Captains Pool Road will see resurfacing work at the beginning of July.”

Marcus added, “Residents may be interested to know that the work is micro asphalting which is being undertaken .

Micro Asphalt is a specialist mix of surface treatment consisting of aggregates and bitumen emulsions. It is used as a means of adding a new layer of surfacing to the footway. In doing so it acts as a reinforcement to the existing asphalt, provides a waterproof layer and once cured, improves traction. This process therefore helps to preserve the overall life of the footway in a cost effective manner.”

Marcus is advised by WCC highways that it is the ideal time for this work to be undertaken of these footpaths as whilst although they are currently in a reasonable condition they are starting to deteriorate and this work will prevent that from happening.

Marcus says, “It is really important that residents have good, safe footways to walk on and footway improvements is something that I have been pressing for since first elected in 2017. I am also delighted that as a Conservative led county council we are investing an additional £4 million in footways in 2020/2021 and £4 million in 2021/2022.”