Improving pedestrian safety on Dowles Road

County Councillor Rebecca Vale is pleased to report back with regards to residents' concerns over pedestrian safety on Dowles Road, Bewdley.   

The lack of a safe crossing point near Woodthorpe Drive was a large concern for a number of residents.   Rebecca lobbied Worcestershire Highways and the Safer Road Partnership to take action.  Rebecca was pleased to be able to fund a VAS sign (vehicle Activated Speed), from her County Divisional Fund, to remind speeding traffic to slow down.  Rebecca is also delighted to report that Worcestershire County Council have actioned her request and have expanded the pavement on the junction of Woodthorpe Drive to make crossing easier and also installed drop kerbs.

Rebecca commented "Delighted that this work to the pavement has now been carried out by Highways, making people feel safer when out in our community and hopefully the VAS sign will remind drivers to slow down."