Dropped Kerbs Installed for Larches Road and Northumberland Avenue

County Councillor for St Marys, Nathan Desmond is delighted to announce that 4 pairs of Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) accessible dropped kerbs have been installed in Larches Rd and Northumberland Avenue. 

Nathan was contacted by local wheelchair users complaining about the lack of dropped kerbs on key pedestrian routes in these roads. After Nathan went out to meet one wheelchair user, he saw for himself the daily struggles and frustrations they were faced with having to deal with high kerbs. 

Nathan used his devolved Highways monies to fund the £4500 scheme that saw two sets installed of each on Larches Road and Northumberland Avenue. 

Cllr Desmond said, “After meeting one local wheelchair user on Northumberland Avenue, I saw the huge difficulties in just trying to get to the local shops due to the very high kerbs. No wonder many wheelchairs were being damaged in the process and that’s why it was so important for me to use my Highways funding to get these DDA kerbs installed. I’m delighted that they have made a huge difference and made wheelchair use much safer and easier."