County Councillor Ian Hardiman’s Update regarding Lea Lane landslip

Ian Hardiman, County Councillor for Cookley, Wolverley & Wribbenhall, has been chasing Worcestershire Highways for an update on this long outstanding road and embankment repair which is preventing vehicular usage of Lea Lane for residents of Cookley and Wolverley; an engineer’s report has now been received.

Ian says,

BT  Openreach have been installing connectors for the diversion of their cable which is necessary before road and embankment restoration commences.

The County Council have prepared their design plans but the Canals & Rivers Trust have not yet accepted these proposed works; a meeting between CRT and the Council is scheduled for this week to overcome any issues.

The slipped material which is in the canal will then have to be removed and the canal bank restored safely prior to the construction of a concrete retaining wall. Then road reconstruction will be carried out.”