Bus Stop Cage Markings for Heronswood Road

County Councillor for Spennells Marcus Hart is very pleased to report that as promised he has delivered the installation of a bus stop cage on Heronswood Road by the bus stop flag.

Marcus says, “Many residents had reported to me that due to cars parking in front of the bus stop flag, especially at school pick up time in the afternoon, the bus could not pull in and had to stop in the middle of the road and this caused all kinds of highway issues. I am delighted that my request to WCC for a bus stop cage being marked on the road so the bus could pull in and cars be prevented from parking there was implemented so swiftly. This is a very positive outcome.” 

Councillor Marcus Hart is working hard for Spennells residents on all issues all year round. If you have any issue please email him on:- 

spennellsconservaties@yahoo.com or telephone on 01562 851769.