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Everyone within the Association from committee members to our members and volunteers play a vital role in ensuring the Association operates to achieve its main objective - that of WINNING ELECTIONS.   Like any worthwhile organisation there is a lot of hard work to be done, so no matter how little or how much time you can give, it will be well used and is often good fun.  You will find an easy online contact form at the bottom of this page and we look forward to meeting you at one of our events / campaigning.

How can you help?

Deliver newsletters:
You would be responsible for an area of houses and undertake to deliver newsletters to those houses when needed (probably four times a year - plus extra deliveries at election time).  It’s a great way to keep fit.

Take part in canvassing:
Canvassing and surveying is the Association’s way of gaining information about the electorate’s voting intentions, worries and concerns. This information enables us to campaign effectively and helps to increase our membership base.  It’s also a great way of getting to know other members.

Help us with our fundraising:
We rely on funds raised through the events we run during the year.  New ideas and help organising events is always needed both at branch and association level.  Whatever your interests we will have some way of utilising them.

Office administration:
From September to June each year, we need all hands on deck to help fold our “Matters” newsletters which are delivered to each home at least 5 times/year.  Then there’s folding of pledge letters, stuffing envelopes with event information and so much more.  All done in the comfort of our offices with endless cups of tea and homemade cakes!

Election day:
We always need help on election day from drivers to collect voters from their homes and take them to their polling station and tellers at each polling station to computer inputters and telephone canvassing in the office.

PS: Don’t worry if you have never done any of these things before!  Neither had we until we joined!   On the job training will be given!


Get Involved

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